Site Preparation

Once you have purchased your new manufactured home or modular home, the first thing that has to be done is to prepare the site where your new residence will be set up. Mobile Homes for Less will come out to your property to further understand how your home will be set. Mobile Homes for Less Contracting knows the different variables involved in site preparation and what is needed to make sure your land is ready for your new home.

Land Clearing

Once the team has formulated a plan, Mobile Homes for Less Contracting will bring their heavy machinery to your property to start clearing your land. Using the team's bulldozers, excavators, and skid steers they are able to clear all the debris that might affect the process of setting your new home. After clearing all the debris from your property the team of experts will level out the land to get it ready for your home to be placed.

Septic Tank Installation

Mobile Homes for Less also provides septic tank installation as an add on option for your new manufactured or modular home. The team of professionals knows how to be efficient and effective in the installation process. Using years of experience and the best quality materials, Mobile Homes for Less knows how to do it right.

Transport & Setup

Mobile Homes for Less will transport your new home to its final location and set it up for you to live in. Our team has set up so many homes, they know what to expect and how to get things done correctly and efficiently.


Are you getting rid of one home and replacing it with another? Mobile Homes for Less can handle that too. The removal of a home from a site is not something that should be left up to those that do not know the intricacies of manufactured homes and modular homes. Care must be taken to make sure that the demolition of an older home is done in such a manner that it makes it ready for the new home. Mobile Homes for Less knows how to get demolition done properly.

Other Services

Mobile Homes for Less also does Metal Buildings, Carports, Driveways, Mulching, Decks and Utility Connection for your new land and home. We will help with with any permitting process At Mobile homes for Less we are a one stop shop.